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so much butter. and cheese. from Kerrygold USA

October 20, 2010

Oh, hi. I was just sitting here thinking how sad it was that the Pity Party was over and we weren’t hashtagging like insane Twitter monkeys. Life getting back to normal is so empty, isn’t it? Wallowing felt so much more natural.

Then along came Kerrygold USA. And I love them. Hard.

They want to give us butter. And cheese. For a year.

There are no words.

Before we get into the details, please go follow KerrygoldUSA on Twitter. And maybe thank them for being awesome.

the great dairy giveaway from Kerrygold

Here’s the awesomeness:

Our Year’s Supply of Kerrygold Cheeses & Butters entails:

  • Twelve monthly deliveries of a selection of cheese and butter, made up of six pieces of cheese and/or butter from the Kerrygold range (including Dubliner, Blarney Castle, Swiss, Aged Cheddar, Reduced Fat Cheddar, Salted Butter, Unsalted Butter, and Garlic & Herb Butter).
  • If you’re not a cheese eater, you are weird. Just joking. No, really, you are. But if you prefer to receive the awesomeness in only butter, that can be arranged. These Kerrygold people want you to be happy. Butter = love. Butterlove.
  • I’ll announce the randomly-drawn winner on Twitter on Thursday night at 9:00 pm Eastern.
  • You are eligible to win if you registered for the Pity Party AND if you didn’t attend BlogHer Food. Registration is closed.

All Kerrygold cows are grass-fed on Ireland’s intensely green grass; that’s why the butter is so gold – it’s all natural from the beta-carotene in the grass. Also, the cows get no growth hormones. The cows also get adorable names like “Flower” and “Moonbeam,” and they moo with the most delightful accent.  That last bit may not be true.

You know who doesn’t like this giveaway? No one. It is full of delicious love.

Love you, Kerrygold. Love you so much.


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  1. Anyone who doesn’t like cheese needs to seek immediate help. “Cheeeeeeese. We need more cheeeese” – Wallace (from Wallace & Gromit)

  2. Love @thepeche and LOVE Kerrygold so much!

  3. Love all of this! But especially the part about the cow’s names.

    Heck. I can’t IMAGINE what I would do if I won. This is quite an insane giveaway!

    Excuse me while I fantasize about that much butter.

  4. This needs to be IN MY FACE.

  5. Butter and cheese, Butter and cheese, everyone wishes for butter and cheese!!!

    What a great prize!! And KerryGold rocks.

  6. Whooohooo for KerryGold! Did I mention my name is Colleen Kennedy….pretty IRISH!! lol! What a cool thing for you to do!
    Mmmmm…cheese, but Butter…there is nothing better!

  7. What a great prize! People are sometimes so generous! I LOVE butter. There is no other way. Margarine = evil.

  8. OMG! Kerrygold cheeses and butters are the BEST! And Kerrygold USA is the BEST! What a wonderful surprise! Thank you, Chris! And THANK YOU, KERRYGOLD USA!!!

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