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let’s buy ivoryhut some yoga pants at target

October 9, 2010

Listen, this Party is about Pity. It’s not about joy, there are no “feel good moments.” All we have is wine and hot carbs and a lot of self-inflicted pain. Do not forget that.

But we each deserve to at least wear a decent pair of yoga pants. Am I right, people?
(I actually don’t own yoga pants, so I’m asking. This seems to be a pretty common apparal choice for most attending the PP, including Pity Party HQ.)

I’m asking, because I’m wondering if we could do something together as Pity-ers. Team building or community involvement or group shopping. Call it what you like.

You’ve probably heard about Ivoryhut’s real-life horribleness. I won’t go through recounting Erika’s story because it makes me cry real tears, not self-aware, self-mocking tears of a Pity Party. And nothing ruins a Pity Party like actual pain and loss. And I’m not interested in feeling anything that takes the attention off of my own feelings. But yoga pants? I can get behind yoga pants.

On Tuesday, Karen and Erika got into a tweet fest with some of you about all of Erika’s clothes being burned up, which is beyond acceptable for a PP. At a Pity Party, you should choose to not wear clothes, not be forced to go naked.

To make it worse, Erika is sitting in a hotel room near BlogHerFood but isn’t actually attending any of the conference. This is so horribly sad.


I have set up a fund called “Let’s Buy IvoryHut Some Yoga Pants at Target.” You probably already gave the first time to Erika and her family when $10,o00 was raised. Alice at SavorySweetLife and Maggy at ThreeManyCooks were the incredible people behind that effort. You all dug so deep to give so generously. Good on you.

But this isn’t about digging deep. This is about barely digging at all. Who has the energy when we’re not going to BlogHerFood?

How it works

If you are interested (and don’t feel bad about not participating. Or do feel bad if that lets you experience the PP more deeply. Whatever…), please contribute no more than $5.00 to the official BHF10PP: Let’s Buy IvoryHut Some Yoga Pants at Target fund. Seriously, no more than $5, because we have a rate with PayPal that isn’t bad when it comes to the commision they take if we don’t go above $5. I can’t stop you, but really, don’t. Thanks. We’ll use the donations to get Erika a Target gift card on behalf of the BHF10PP.

Can we do it? Can we buy Erika some new yoga pants at Target?

Heck if I know. But everybody deserves a pair of comfy pants at a Pity Party.

Donate now (or don’t, whatever) to the BHF10PP: Let’s Buy IvoryHut Some Yoga Pants at Target


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  1. Excellent idea. I kind of suck at PayPal though. Every time I forget my username and/or password, and then my credit card is expired and I get stuck in an endless loop of automated emails and pain. If I can stop being so pitiful, I will definitely send my $5.

    • Thanks, Jennifer. I can email you my address if you’d prefer to send money. email me at cmthornton at

      • I did it, I did it!! I got through the cycle and survived. I think I have two PayPal accounts set up w/diffferent email addresses and you can only have a card associated with one account and blah blah blah… I suck but for Erika I got past it. Yoga pants! Yay!

      • Yay, YOU! Thank you!

  2. This is great. Happy to contribute!

  3. Done! Everyone deserves a pair of yoga pants to be pitiful in. And I don’t mean her like, real life struggles, I mean for Pity Party Purposes. 🙂

  4. I’m wearing my yoga pants now! It’s so sad but feels so good. Pathetic sums it up pretty perfectly.

  5. You are just all kinds of amazing. All of you. Really really.

  6. I hope it’s not too late…I just put in my $5. I’m not sure what happened but I’m happy/sad to contribute to the yoga pant fund.


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