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our first movie trailer

October 7, 2010

Special thanks to @simplebites and @bakingblog.

More to come.


From → wallowing

  1. When will this soundtrack be available?

  2. This event has now officially entered the realm of Teh Awesome.

  3. There is so much awesome here!! Best pity party EVAH.

  4. That’s funny… I am there with you… love the music I think it is from Requiem for a Dream, one sad crazy movie…

  5. I love you guys. I mean, really, how can you not love such pitiful chicks such as yourselves? 😉

  6. The DVD will probably be cost-prohibitive. That’s my luck…

  7. Remind me not to mess w/ @bakingblog. Because then I might end up being the fifth person she cuts… and I hear that kinda hurts, even more than it hurts to miss BHF.


    (PS – Great video. I now officially have food blogger crushes on both these hilarious gals, mostly because this video is the first thing to actually make me smile on this craptacular day I’m having.)

  8. I love this so hard. Particularly the excellent soundtrack.

    I do feel that a box wine reference needs to be made somewhere….

  9. I’m so happy.. I love you guys. :::sappy music in background, stained pj’s, a little tipsy::::::

  10. “We’re so pathetic but that makes us awesome” How true… how very very true.


  11. I’m famous! I’m famous!

    @Elizabeth, I do have a stale box of wine hanging around. I’m saving that to celebrate when I win one of the prizes.

  12. Rose in Ohio (@RoseMillsOhio) permalink

    Oh, please tell me there will be a sequel!

  13. This is hilarious. I’ll be joining @bakingblog in my holy PJ’s. The soundtrack just makes it!

  14. What a great sneak peek! If @simplebites and @bakingblog are any indication, these next two days are going to be incredible.

    Little ugly dogs… best line ever.

  15. I’m having the same pity party right now in my finest holey sweats. Wah!!

  16. I love you both – hard. *weep*

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