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walking the red carpet

September 24, 2010
You know how at BlogHerFood there’s this awesome party hosted by Ree (thepioneerwoman), Jaden (steamykitchen) and Elise (simplyrecipes)?
Yes, you do because we’re getting one of their swag bags. That’s so nice of them to share. Srsly.
Shh…I heard  (not true) they’re doing an 80s prom theme and everyone is dressing like their favorite John Hughes movie character (this is completely not true).
(Not everyone can make their own pink dress, Molly Ringwald)
(I’m more John Cryer than Andrew McCarthy)
(Unnecessary diversion full of lies)
Fact: That party would be awesome to attend. And thinking about not being there makes the feeling of being in jr. high and waiting for someone to dance with you come rushing back. And even though we’ll have each other at the Pity Party, it’s tough to know there’s some kind of wonderful happening, and you’re not there.
My dear friend, Debra, and her husband The Professor are video geniuses. Really. They make their living off audio and video production. Have you seen their work on
They’re witty, have a distinctive personality, and are filled with warmth. I know how much work can go into videos, and they make the final product look effortless. That takes talent and craft.
A few days ago, Debra asked if they could do something fun for the Pity Party. And honestly, this PP is a potluck of talent. Bring what you have and we’ll take it. But, ohmyword, these wonderful smithbites people have outdone themselves.

May I present to you the first ever OFFICIAL BHF10PP RED CARPET EXTRAVAGANZA!

What is that you ask?  Oh, just you being interviewed by Debra and The Professor for a video package we’re running on Day 1 of the Pity Party. It’s the typical set of questions any star would be asked at an A-list event: What are you wearing? What dried food is that on your clothes? What are you doing after the party? How sad are you to be here? When you think about “despair,” what comes to mind? You know, the usual.
So how do you participate? Debra and The Professor will reach out to some of you, or reach out to them if you’re interested. Please know that not everyone can be included. It’s just too much to get 140 people on video, and you are wonderful, and if you’re not included it’s not because we don’t love you, and I would totally ask you to dance. As long as Karen said it was OK.
I’m just going to pretend we’re all in detention together in the library and we’ll all learn that we share a common pain and Judd Nelson needs a hug.

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  1. Awesome. My only regret is that since my son is older now, I no longer wear clothes with spit-up and dried breastmilk all over them. Would have been perfect.

  2. Hey now… if Twitter can accomodate 140 characters, why can’t the Official Red Carpet Video of BHF10PP do the same? Reach for the sky, my friends. Reach for it.

    (Yeah, that’s right. I made a cheesy pun. And I’ll probably make more, assuming I get the opportunity. An event celebrating our collective patheticness deserves equally pathetic humour, right?)

  3. SAweeeeet! If I turn my t-shirt inside out, the snot from wiping kidlets nose with the hem will barely be visible amongst the glaring red carpet…

  4. I’m in training mode for this event….I haven’t showered in 3 days. After day 4, one no longer is repulsive to oneself. I’ll definitely be ready for the Red Carpet.

    How many of you can say you have cookie crumbs hiding in your brassiere?

  5. How fun! Looking forward to seeing (and maybe being in) the video!

  6. Vanilla Bean Baker permalink

    Wow, what a wonderful gesture from Debra and The Professor. I’m stuffing plastic wine glasses, chocolates, tissues and a tetra pak of wine into my back-pack and bringing my folding camp chair to watch all the hoopla from this red carpet extravaganza. Can’t wait to see some of my favourites stroll the red mile in all their pitiful glam-glory.

    Gail…you might want to consider shedding the bra for this occasion and using some double-sided tape.

  7. I’m breaking out the house coat and curlers for my stumble down the Red Carpet.

  8. All my life I have been practicing for this. All those afternoons in front of the mirror with my hairbrush, thanking everyone for the Oscar win. The sad Saturday nights singing along to Janis Ian and Carole King. I’m ready, I’m telling you. As for what to wear? I have the double sided tape, but it’s just not strong enough for the girls, now that they’ve headed south. Gail, maybe some cookie crumbs would help my decolletage, too? I do have little linen hankies for all of us, so the tears can be dabbed appropriately, and our mascara won’t run. xox

  9. This is awesome. Would I have to put on my bra?

  10. Group hug! (I had a 24-hour period when I thought I might be going to BHF10 as a volunteer liveblogger. Can you say elation/panic/letdown/relief/rollercoaster?)

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