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the results – official BHF10PP song(s)

September 23, 2010

Listen. I love you. You know that, right?

But this song contest was like being a volunteer at a pharmaceutical research facility, seeing what adverse reactions were caused by a new little pill.

The adverse reactions to these songs? Despair, emptiness of heart, inability to get dressed, and funky personal odor.

In other words, these songs were a total success!

As bonappetithon said, I want a soundtrack of all of these songs. They’re wonderful. And horrible.

Well done, all!

Now, on to the results….

We have a tie!

What’s better than one theme song for a Pity Party? Two theme songs! Woot!

There were five entries tied for third place.

I won’t tell you which ones so you can all feel good about yourselves.

Now, put on those songs and dance.


From → wallowing

  1. Congratulations to @THEToughCookie and to @AdyronsKitchen! Just so you know, ♪ *There’s a Tear In My Beer and I’m Cryin’ Over Here♪ 😦

  2. LOL…love them! The are so horribly wonderfuly that they are like someone rubbing a finger in my eyeball. Well done everyone….well done!

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