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official song of #BHF10PP

September 22, 2010

Well, our official drink is set.

Now it’s time to figure out what music we download from iTunes and set on repeat. For 48 hours.

We had a slew of suggestions. So crank it to 11, sway awkwardly from side to side, and let the tears flow.

official #BHF10PP song entries

Dancing on My Own
by Robyn | thepeche/BHF10PP ringleaders

Strong, sad, lonely. Ultimately a song about faith in yourself. Seems just right for a Pity Party.

Mad World by Gary Jules – VinoLuci

Barb presented hers as a package with the maragarita…”I keep thinking something REALLY creative will appear in my head but I can’t get away from thinking about the Taste of Tears and the salted rim on my favorite margarita. It’s so good though…is it deserving of a PP? Maybe drinking it in our respective outfits (?) and using our respective phones, i or not, while listening to this really pitiful song would make it work? Being with Jimmy Buffet in Margaritaville would not.

It’s My Party by Lesley Gore – THEToughCookie

Old School. Obvious, but appropriate

Nice Day for a Sulk by Belle & Sebastian | bakingbarrister

The first verse:

Nice day for a sulk
The girl smells of milk
Her horsey teeth explode around us
And we run for cover she found us
In the cheapo bar with a bag of chips

Whole Wide World by Will Ferrell | robynski

My choice for song is from the movie Stranger Than Fiction. It’s the song Will Farrell’s character plays on the guitar after dinner. It’s a song about how he’d go all over the world for her. “her” for BlogHer! And the guitar he’s pllaying was traded for a wedding cake. Tears? Pity? That poor guitar! I cringe every time I see it fall to the ground.

Smelly Cat by Phoebe/Lisa Kudrow | breadandputter

I just thought of a great song! Smelly Cat! [Note, the original clip shared was removed from YouTube. So here is the official Smelly Cat video. Cannot believe I just typed those words.]

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by Jazz Crusaders with Patti Austin | HungryRabbitNYC

…my fav. song to wallow in.

A Song for the Lonely by Cher | VanillaBeanBake

Missing You by John Waite | wearsmanyhats

Tracks of My Tears by Smokey Robinson | BonAppetitHon

It just feels right to me.

All By Myself by Eric Carmen | AdryonsKitchen

Alllllllll Byyyyyyyy Myyyyyseeelllllllf

I think of all the friends I’ve known

When I dial the telephone

Nobody’s home

All by myself
Don’t wanna be
All by myself

Got it? Vote!


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  1. Tough one! But I went with THETough Cookie’s old school It’s My Party. After all it’s a pity party, right? Second runner up…Mad World!!

  2. had to do smelly cat. It brought back way to many Seinfeld memories. And if I can make it through 48 hours with that on replay then I am definitely pitiful. lol

  3. It’s our partyyyyy Weeeeelllll cry if weeeee waaaant tooooo!

  4. Jennifer A (Bread and Putter) permalink

    I had to pick Smelly Cat since it was my own suggestion but the pathetic denial of Missing You (I ain’t missing you at all…) is also perfect for this event!

  5. What a kick! Phoebe Buffett? This is going to be one fun (pity) party.

  6. That was fun….you guys are hysterical. Mad World gets my vote. I actually have that on my iPod…does that make me pathetic?

  7. If “All By Myself” wins, please also use the version that Bridget Jones lip-synchs to in the opening credits of Bridget Jones’ Diary:

    I couldn’t not think of this when I saw that as an entry, and hence had to vote for it.

  8. Elizabeth, that scene from Bridget Jones is priceless.

    Tough choice (Smelly Cat!!) but I went with Its My Party. Too perfect.

  9. Mad World. Totally. It’s haunting and makes me want to jump off a bridge. Or attend a pity party.

  10. Ha! Elizabeth, I was thinking about Bridget Jones, too! That’s what gave “All By Myself” the advantage over Mad World. Mad World makes me stabby and I don’t think I should take out my patheticness on the general population. They’re just not worth going to jail for. (Plus, I’d miss the party!)

  11. Well, I would be even more pitiful if I didn’t vote for my own song choice of Mad World; Amy is right!

  12. I had to go with Smelly Cat. It just works on so many levels. 😉

  13. Had to go with “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.” I’m a sucker for the smooooooth jazz . . . it cuts through the schlock and really makes you feel how alone you really are. . . . ( ;

  14. All By Myself is such a pathetic excuse for a song on its own, I had to vote for it.

  15. Couldn’t vote for Gary Jules as I had that song on my iPod while i was birthin’ my last baby…is that weird?

    I voted for Whole Wide World, it’s catchy and sad all at the same time!

  16. Had to go with It’s My Party. Just watching the video and thinking that we used to dance like that, tease and backcomb our hair and wear white Go-Go boots all the while thinking that we were cool and looked great….perfect for the party. It’s all so pitiful now 🙂

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