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#BHF10PP Bling

September 18, 2010

With any good conference, you get to download a banner/button, something pretty to put on your website.

It’s meant to be a badge of solidarity, to promote the conference, and to promote you.

They’re pretty cool.

And I am jealous.

So late yesterday afternoon, I put out a request on Twitter asking if anyone could do a little banner for us. Something sad for you to download and post on your site.

Clearly, I meant for VinoLuci to get on it immediately. To stop all her other work and whip up something special.

Which she did.

Good, because I was wondering if my passive-aggressiveness was loud and clear enough.

May I present to you, from the Force herself, the first in a series of #BHF10PP bling…The Great Tear Drop of 2010

The Great Tear Drop from VinoLuci.

Here’s the code to use on your site (thanks to Barb for providing):

<div align=”center”><a href=””  target=”_blank”>
<img src=”” alt=”BlogHer Food Pity Party”/>

Love. So much love.

Interestingly, another BHF10PP attendee saw my tweet request and designed her own logo.

Veryculinary has drive and and hilarity, and we like her a lot.

May I present to you the second in a series of #BHF10PP bling…The Great Non-Shower of 2010

Non-Shower BHF10PP from veryculinary

Here’s the code:

<div align=”center”><a href=””  target=”_blank”>
<img src=”” alt=”BlogHer Food Pity Party”/>

I just love this community. Thanks to both of you.

This makes me wonder two things:

  1. So you dare to post these on your site? Please do. Please. Because that is so horribly sad if you do it.
  2. Have a bling idea? Post it here. Let’s get a gallery of sadness.

update – tutorial

Here’s a tutorial from robynski

On WordPress:

Copy the image and add it to the media library on your site. The media library assigns a unique url to the image. Copy that image and use it in the html below.  Add an html widget (wordpress) on your site using this language:

<a href=”“><img src=’insert unique url of picture on your site’ alt=’BlogHerFood 2010 Pity Party!’></a>

I’m hoping non-domain wordpress sites work the same as domain owned sites as far as media is concerned. If not maybe someone else can help us out.

On blogger:

Save the image to your desktop, or anywhere you store pictures on your computer. Go into blogger to your page/template design page. Choose add a picture. Uplaod the picture and add the link and save. Drag to location on page you wish it to appear.

Typepad, Squarespace. I haven’t a clue but it must be something like I’ve shown for wordpress and blogger.

There you go. Hope this helps you get a button on your pages! Oh, and if it doesn’t remember this is a sad little pity party and you fit right in! ;o)


another update

Founding member of the Pity Party movement, bakingbarrister, created three of her own bling for her site. Then she unleashed them on the world. Gaze upon these lovelies. Download to look at them in your darkest Pity Party hour. And know that you are alone, together. Also post them on your site. That’s hardcore PP.


From → wallowing

  1. Totally going to post that teardrop on my blog. Prominently. ;-D I am pathetic, thank you.

  2. VinoLuci’s puts mine to shame! I think it’s safe to say that one will get displayed more. Wish I could have put more time into it. Ah well. All in the name of sadness and the unwashed.

  3. This is so creative! Love it!

  4. Oh my goodness! These are making me cry… from laughing so hard! Awesome! Just pure awesomeness!

  5. Jennifer A (Bread and Putter) permalink

    Love it! Just added the Tissues & Tonic to my blog!

  6. Very cool – very professional and legit series of icons.

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