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the winning drink

September 17, 2010

My goodness, you people drink a lot.

Not judgment. Just fact.

You showed your love for all our drink entries. You voted. You tested. Tested some more.

And ultimately, two votes separated the top three beverages. You loved them so much.

  • In third place,  Comfort me with Gimlet(s) from THEToughCookie. She is so nice. Tough, but so nice.
  • In second place, Boo Hoo F@#ker aka “BHF” conceived by HungryRabbitNYC. Ken led the race the entire time until the final hour. But don’t feel too bad for him. He’s staying with friends in California right now, and he doesn’t deserve our pity this weekend.
  • And the Official #BHF10PP Drink, in a shocking come-from-behind win, Tissues and Tonic from AdryonsKitchen! All I can say is you best stock up on your favorite brand of facial tissues. Also, tonic. (I love Q tonic in case you need a tasty suggestion). Here’s that drink one more time:

1 bottle of vodka
1 bottle of tonic
10 boxes of tissues

Collect your sad-ass tears in tissues. Squeeze contents in glass, like Allison in Cry-Baby….

Take shots of vodka (with a splash of tonic mixed in)

Chase with shot of tears. The saltiness will quelch the burn of alcohol and the double burn of being alone.

Please congratulate all of our entrants in this festival of forgetting our pain.

Drink up, kids.

Unless you don’t drink. Then you could just do the tears and tonic maybe.


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  1. Congratulations to @AdryonsKitchen for winning and to @THEToughCookie and @HungryRabbitNYC for placing. All tough competitors among all the entrants. Now need to go clean up dog pooh with one hand as I wipe my loser tears with the other.

  2. What can I say…I need the taste of those tear on my margarita even more now. Hey…ditto Paula. Dog is pooping in all the wrong places in anticipation of our Pity fest. Do I say Good Girl?

  3. I have it all over you gals. I STEPPED in dog pooh on the way home this afternoon, THAT’s how pitiful I am! Thank goodness I was wearing shoes.

  4. Congratulations to Tissues and Tonic! I just read them all to my husband and he laughed the most to that one–it makes sense. Am I killing the pity party atmosphere by saying how much I love everyone’s wit here? Because I do. You all kick ass.

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