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September 16, 2010

No one is making a dime off of this.

In fact, we just had to spend $14.95 for the attendee registration site. “Cuz we’re close to 100 people, and the first 100 are free (aren’t they always?).

We are receiving no products for our own use, fees, endorsements, under the table payments, under the table footsie, smack, booze, or chocolate.

We are doing this only because we are sad we aren’t going to BlogHer Food. And we wanted some company on that fateful day.

  1. Please allow me to donate to this worthy cause. I’d like to write you a check for 50% of the site.

    Because I believe in the power of the PP.

  2. Gail, you’re so kind. But then I’d have to rewrite this disclosure statement. And that makes me weary.

  3. I knew that. That’s why I thought it was safe to offer.

  4. I love you guys! This is why I love the net, blogging, and all the online life I have. Now I can say I have friends I know in random places that invited me to this great party! You guys are great.

    Not offering to send money. ;o) But I would, really!

  5. Wait! We’re not? No advertising royalties or book deals…maybe a spot on Oprah?

    Shoot…I guess I misread the intent and now I’m really pathetic cause you’ve got a bunch of prizes from me and I’m stuck.

    Again. Pathetic. And somehow perfect.

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