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vote for the official BHF10PP drink

September 15, 2010

It’s time to pick our official drink of BHF10PP. Exciting, isn’t it?

We had ten gloriously pitiful entires. Some focused on practicality, some focused on woe, some on the taste of tears.

All of them are perfect for a Pity Party and will be on our official BHF10PP Drink Card available at the end of voting.

So, let’s vote. What says “Pity Party” to you?

What would you want to drink?

Or maybe you’ll want to vote for the one you don’t want to drink, because you deserve to suffer. It’s your call.

Voting ends this Friday. That should give you enough time to stock up before the party starts.

The BHF10PP Official Drink Contestants

Each drink is listed first, followed by the creator (with a link to their Twitter. Follow them). Then their description/instructions. Voting is at the end of the list.

1. BHFPP10-tini |  breadandputter

vodka with a splash of the juice from a can of wax beans, preferably served in a plastic cup or chipped jelly jar glass
2. The Tear Jerker Shooter | VanillaBeanBake
8 ounces of Kahlua
8 ounces of Frangelico
Pour into blender
Add enough Vanilla Ice Cream to create milkshake consistency, blend.
Pour into shot glasses, drizzle small amount of chocolate ganache in centre in the shape of a tear drop. Serve and Shoot
3 Salted Rim Margarita | VinoLuci
I can’t get away from thinking about the Taste of Tears and the salted rim on my favorite margarita. It’s so good though…is it deserving of a PP? Maybe drinking it in our respective outfits (?) and using our respective phones, i or not, while listening to this really pitiful song would make it work? Being with Jimmy Buffet in Margaritaville would not.
4 Comfort me with Gimlet(s) | THEToughCookie

3 oz. top shelf Vodka
2 oz Fresh Squeezed Lime juice
1.5 oz simple syrup
splash of cranberry juice

Combine all in cocktail shaker, add ice, and shake your pity party. Serve in crystal martini glass. Hell, even if you haven’t showered it doesn’t mean you aren’t a classy drinker.

5 Mountain Dew & Vodka | BonAppetitHon
Inspired by last night’s Mad Men episode, how about Mountain Dew and Vodka? It’s quick, nasty, and gets the job done.

6. A Six Pack | Stetted

A six pack of beer. Because they are meant to be shared.

7. Boo Hoo F@#ker aka “BHF” | HungryRabbitNYC

2 Ginger slices
4-5 Pear slices
1 Tbsp sugar
3 oz. top shelf Gin
1 oz Fresh Squeezed Lime juice

1. Combine ginger, pear and sugar in cocktail shaker,muddle until ginger and pear have released their juices (bitter tears) and sugar has dissolved.

2. Add ice, gin and lime juice and shake well to combine (get your frustration out).

3.Strain into bone chillin’ martini glass. (no need to strain if you want to extra bitterness and hardship of chewing the ginger).

8. Habanero Infused Margarita | MyFoodThoughts

I suggest a habanero infused margarita. That will provoke tears and get you drunk!

9. A Double Scotch. Straight. | Acommunaltable

My drink suggestion?? Well, when the going gets tough the Scots have a scotch – and I am not talking about a “wee dram” – I’ll be havin’ a double – straight up!!

10. Tissues and Tonic | AdryonsKitchen

1 bottle of vodka
1 bottle of tonic
10 boxes of tissues

Collect your sad-ass tears in tissues. Squeeze contents in glass, like Allison in Cry-Baby….

Take shots of vodka (with a splash of tonic mixed in)

Chase with shot of tears. The saltiness will quelch the burn of alcohol and the double burn of being alone.


From → wallowing

  1. Decided a good drink always improves things!
    Who needs a pity party when we all rock!

  2. I love the Boo Hoo F@#ker aka “BHF” just for the name, but add in the ingredients and directions and I’m all over it!

  3. Okay so for those of you with small children around and can’t drink all day, I will offer this:
    Strawberry-Lemonade Raspado

    2 Cups fresh lemon juice
    2 Cups sugar
    4 Cups water
    3 Cups fresh Strawberries

    In a medium sauce pot, bring sugar and water to a simmer.
    Allow time to cool; add lemon juice.

    Raspado: Take 4 cups of the lemonade mixture and combine with 2 cups fresh, crushed. Puree in blender until smooth.
    Pour liquid into a rectangle baking dish and freeze.
    Once frozen, using a fork, scrape the ice to create “shaved ice.”

    To serve: Fill glasses with Strawberry-Lemon raspado. Pour remaining lemonade over the top to fill the glass. Garnish with fresh strawberries.

  4. Gosh that statement at the beginning of that last comment makes it sound like everyone at the party will be drinking with abandon. Not what I meant to imply at all.

    I am pathetic. yes, I belong at the pity party. ;o)

    • Robyn, I think those who can drink will do so. Frequently. But love your kid-friendly drink!

  5. bhf10pp Thank you for humoring me. Seriously.

  6. The Scotch wins it for me 🙂

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