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how do you duplicate the taste of tears? (drink and song contest)

September 12, 2010

Paula, aka Vanilla Bean Baker (drop the “r” on Twitter) recently suggested we have a contest for the official #BHF10PP drink and song.


In response, Megan at Stetted posed the question, “But how do you duplicate the taste of tears?” Megan is my new best friend.

So, let’s have a contest.

Submit your ideas below for the OFFICIAL DRINK AND/OR SONG OF BHF10PP (all caps required because this is a press release).

the rules

  • You have until the end of day Tuesday, 14 September to submit your ideas.
  • If submitting a drink: Give it a snappy name. List the ingredients of your drink. Include any important mixing or serving details.
  • If submitting a song: Please include the song name. Also the artist. Links to videos are appreciated. Please note NSFW material.
  • Voting will begin on Wednesday, 15 September.
  • You win nothing except a boost to your pride. (Which each of us could use, to be honest. Sorry to take your inventory.)
  • All submissions will be listed on the official #BHF10PP Drink and Song card posted on this very site.

Let the drinking and dancing begin!


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  1. Vanilla Bean Baker permalink

    Too funny! I’ll have to get busy on song and drink submissions. Just a note for Megan at Stetted. One way to duplicate tears (re drinks) is to roll the rim of your glass in salt.

    p.s. thanks for the mention, appreciate the link.

    Oohh…Just wondering if attendees to the PP have to have an iPhone? Only asking cause is seems that 90% of those that went to BHF10 had them.

    • @Paula, I think it’s preferable that you NOT have an iPhone for the Pity Party. Advanced technology seems to discourage pity.

  2. Oh thank goodness cause I don’t have an iPhone. I have T Mobile’s version but I know that many with iPhone will feel pity…so I’m good, right?

  3. OK, my submission for theme song is Robyn’s Dancing on My Own. Strong, sad, lonely. Ultimately a song about faith in yourself. Seems just right for a Pity Party.

  4. Jennifer A (Bread and Putter) permalink

    Drink: The BHFPP10-tini – vodka with a splash of the juice from a can of wax beans, preferably served in a plastic cup or chipped jelly jar glass.

  5. You all totally crack me up! I love it. Although I’m ashamed to admit that I do have an iPhone… but it’s an old one, and it only works about 50% of the time.

  6. So relieved that we don’t have to accessorize with iPhones ’cause I don’t have one. Fact is, only have one old model cell phone in the family and neither of us who use it know how to text or take photos with it.

  7. O.K., Here’s my drink submission courtesy of my sister-in-law’s *Duncan Delight* now renamed for this occasion…*The Tear Jerker Shooter*

    8 ounces of Kahlua
    8 ounces of Frangelico
    Pour into blender
    Add enough Vanilla Ice Cream to create milkshake consistency, blend.
    Pour into shot glasses, drizzle small amount of chocolate ganache in centre in the shape of a tear drop. Serve and Shoot 🙂

  8. I keep thinking something REALLY creative will appear in my head but I can’t get away from thinking about the Taste of Tears and the salted rim on my favorite margarita. It’s so good though…is it deserving of a PP? Maybe drinking it in our respective outfits (?) and using our respective phones, i or not, while listening to this really pitiful song would make it work? Being with Jimmy Buffet in Margaritaville would not.

  9. These homemade grapefruit bitters + litres of seltzer water seem appropriate.

  10. No time for chit chat. Cuttin’ to the chase.
    Cocktail: Comfort me with Gimlet(s)
    3 oz. top shelf Vodka
    2 oz Fresh Squeezed Lime juice
    1.5 oz simple syrup
    splash of cranberry juice

    Combine all in cocktail shaker, add ice, and shake your pity party. Serve in crystal martini glass. Hell, even if you haven’t showered it doesn’t mean you aren’t a classy drinker.

    Song: Old School. Obvious, but appropriate

    You can still tap your toe to this and not spill a drop of precious cocktail.

  11. I’ve got two songs for you. One is a serious entry, the other just for fun.

    #1 (Serious Entry): Belle & Sebastian’s “Nice Day For A Sulk”

    The first verse:

    Nice day for a sulk
    The girl smells of milk
    Her horsey teeth explode around us
    And we run for cover she found us
    In the cheapo bar with a bag of chips

    #2 (Joke Entry): Candypants’ “Dishy”


  12. My choice for song is from the movie Stranger Than Fiction. It’s the song Will Farrell’s character plays on the guitar after dinner. It’s a song about how he’d go all over the world for her. “her” for BlogHer! And the guitar he’s pllaying was traded for a wedding cake. Tears? Pity? That poor guitar! I cringe every time I see it fall to the ground.

    I do kinda have to really like “It’s My Party” though. ;o)

  13. Inspired by last night’s Mad Men episode, how about Mountain Dew and Vodka? It’s quick, nasty, and gets the job done.

  14. Drink… A six pack of beer. Because they are meant to be shared.

  15. Jennifer A (Bread and Putter) permalink

    I just thought of a great song! Smelly Cat!

  16. Cocktail: Boo Hoo F@#ker aka BHF

    2 Ginger slices
    4-5 Pear slices
    1 Tbsp sugar
    3 oz. top shelf Gin
    1 oz Fresh Squeezed Lime juice

    1. Combine ginger, pear and sugar in cocktail shaker,muddle until ginger and pear have released their juices (bitter tears) and sugar has dissolved.

    2. Add ice, gin and lime juice and shake well to combine (get your frustration out).

    3.Strain into bone chillin’ martini glass. (no need to strain if you want to extra bitterness and hardship of chewing the ginger).

    Song: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by Patti Austin (my fav. song to wallow in)

  17. Here is my song submission for the #BHF120PP *A Song for the Lonely* by Cher.

    Hope the link works…don’t know how to insert the video clip 😦

  18. No video to link although I’m sure there’s something on YouTube..but, I’m nominating Smokey Robinson’s Tracks of My Tears as the official theme song. It just feels right to me.

  19. For the beverage… I suggest a habanero infused margarita. That will provoke tears and get you drunk!

    • My drink suggestion?? Well, when the going gets tough the Scots have a scotch – and I am not talking about a “wee dram” – I’ll be havin’ a double – straight up!!

  20. Not sure if this one has already been submitted for the song…

    “Missing You” by John Waite

  21. Ooops! Forgot the video link for “Missing You”, here’s one…(hope it works)

  22. Alllllllll Byyyyyyyy Myyyyyseeelllllllf

    I think of all the friends I’ve known
    When I dial the telephone
    Nobody’s home

    All by myself
    Don’t wanna be
    All by myself

  23. Tissues and Tonic

    1 bottle of vodka
    1 bottle of tonic
    10 boxes of tissues

    Collect your sad-ass tears in tissues. Squeeze contents in glass, like Allison in Cry-Baby….

    Take shots of vodka (with a splash of tonic mixed in)

    Chase with shot of tears. The saltiness will quelch the burn of alcohol and the double burn of being alone.

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