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call for presenters | ustream your presentation

September 9, 2010

The BHF10PP is held mostly on Twitter (hashtags rule, drunk winky face drools ;)).

But we’ve got something special in the works this time…

A chance to feature your awesomeness to the entire Pity Party via USTREAM. (yeah, there’s nothing there, I know.)

The deal

We’ve got some amazingly talented people that belong to BHF10PP, so let’s celebrate ourselves and learn something from each other.

I’m thinking (just suggestions, of course) @THEToughCookie could teach us to to do a clever icing trick and also teach us to be VERY commanding via Twitter…

@MyFoodThoughts could teach us to concoct a great cocktail.

and @BakingBarrister could give pro bono legal advice. (non-binding, of course)

Let your imagination run wild. What are you great at that you could share with the Pity Party community? 3-5 minutes of brilliance, please.

We’ll stage the video sessions throughout the day, publish the schedule, and everyone will lurve you so hard because you are brilliant.

Share your presentation topics below.  We’ll do some sort of voting/picking of 5-7 presentations this time. I’ll work with each one of you to prep your session on USTREAM (so many caps).

And bring your own webcam.

Also wear clothes. Please.


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  1. Is showering still optional?

  2. oh I think @VinoLuci should present on SEO stuff!! LOVE @THEToughCookie!! @robynski is quite smart & clever

    I predict BHF10PP will be bigger than BHF10!

  3. I would love to be in on this. I’d like to give away some of my bakery secrets and quickly show how to smooth a cake to look like fondant.

  4. Hmm. I’ll have to think about this. I could do a session on inventing imaginary sessions!

  5. I love these ideas. Especially the one from JenniferA! Brilliant.
    Robynski…You show me yours and I’ll show you mine.

    And, since when am I COMMANDING on Twitter? Is that nice speak for BOSSY?
    VInoLuci and SEO is also great.

    Can you guys believe there’s a giveaway? A little SWAG? OMG! #BHF10PP goes legit!!!

  6. I’m def up for the cocktail challenge! But I must be allowed to continue my winky emoticon.

  7. This is like E on the red carpet, so much bigger than the real thing.

  8. I’m so looking forward to this! Wooohooo! 😉

  9. I can do a session on how to cook like a pro and not create any dirty dishes!

  10. The most popular Ustream demo I ever did was how to make BBQ sauce. I was also thinking about doing a how to make your own pasta.

    If not, I can do the art of telling crap jokes in a blog.

  11. What about a Q & A on recipe development?

  12. Or, we could have a session on effective pouting, and making other people feel sorry for you. I have a super awesome sad face!

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