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what will you wear? (hey, cute shoes)

September 8, 2010

On Twitter, BlogHer Food participants experience anxiety over what (not) to wear at the conference.

  • What shoes are cute enough?
  • What clothes are hip enough to exude the success of your blog without being all snotty and uppity?
  • Is making a pair of earrings with your Twitter avatar too much? Or not nearly enough?

Being pretty (and/or handsome) is so hard.

At the Pity Party, we don’t have those kinds of problem. You must dress “sad.” Sweat pants are encouraged. Food stains are a must. And anything that exudes confidence is offensive to the other attendees. Wallow, people. Wallow.

So, what will you wear to the #BHF10PP?

(I’m wearing boxers. Just boxers.)


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  1. And note to folks… makeup/showering/hairproduct is BIG no no

  2. IMHO, just because it’s a Pity Party it doesn’t mean we can’t behave with some modicum of decorum. We are, after all, professionals. And, this is a conference of sorts. And, we are not social outcasts, we are rebels.

    Who’s with me?

    • Gail, you got the drunk winkies allowed at #BHF10PP and now you’re trying to look pretty, too? Fine…you win. Mostly because I’m scared of crossing you.

  3. Don’t forget who I am. I am THE Tough Cookie. I’ve been bossing people around since I was 3.

  4. I don’t have sweat pants! Now I’m stressing that I won’t fit in at the Pity Party. Perhaps my yoga pants paired with my best apron will be O.K. Now with that decided, heels or flats!?

  5. I’ve become obsessed with wearing the right thing after watching Rachel Zoe dress the stars. It makes me think that my PJ pants with two holes might be a bit avant garde for this event and I need to stick with the ‘Singular Cutout’ design by Abbéé.

    P.S. Some of you may have known her before she became famous as Abbie, just an ordinary Cocker Spaniel but with her creation now inspiring legions of copycats…we felt a name change in order.

  6. You crack me up! I wearin my comfy silky leopard pj’s and flip flops…unless my kids steal ’em..

  7. Me?? Oh, well I’ll be in my comfy lands end fleece pants with a baggy shirt. And of course my scrunchy socks because you know it’s easier to think when your feet aren’t cold!

  8. My snuggy, fluffy, pj pants with skulls on them…Oh yeah! Rock n roll all the way 😉

  9. Hm… tough decision – I’m going with my a bit ratty but oh-so-comfy velour sweats – lettering on the bum optional!!!! I’m gonna pair them with my Ugg slippers and a t shirt. Now to decide on earrings……

  10. Hmmm… I think I am going with a Red Sox t-shirt, which I can wear with extra pity as they will surely be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs but soon. Then to complete my ensemble, shorts with a drawstring and my fluffy, floppy, slipper flip-flops.

  11. I just have to say, you all are cracking me up. I wish you all could be there IRL, but I know that you’ll have fun here. I’ll have to watch your hashtag closely and if you are having more fun than the rest of us, head back to the hotel and join you!

    • Kristen…in the true spirit of a pity party, if it ends up you would rather be with us then might the event have to be canceled because that negates our whole pitiful purpose? 🙂

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